24 May 2013

Poppins by Alessandrabaldereschi Design Studio

In the Poppins collection by Alessandrabaldereschi Design Studio the upholstery is used to create a visual impression: the illusion of  many pillows laying  on a bench.
The inspiration comes from the Optical Art’s method which, through the use of color and geometric shapes, creates, starting from a plane a three-dimensional optical illusions.
The padding protrudes from the surface of wood, is took down and positioned only where is necessary. Through its three-dimensionality and a slight deformation of shapes, you get a dynamic effect, a vibration enhanced by color.
The cushions become a part of the structure,  increasing the comfort of the seat and representing the aesthetic value of the project. This value comes from ancient times, when the cushions was made with precious materials as a symbol of royalty.