23 January 2013

Niko Schwind - All I Want (Original Mix)

Now, a year after he celebrated the success of his LP Good Morning Midnight, Niko Schwind ups the heat on Stil vor Talent with the versatile We are the Future EP that showcases a specatacular sonic progression while remaining true to what Niko does best: melodic house music. On All I Want, Niko lures you into a deep abyss aided by a straight groove and rapid vocal stutters until a swampy bassline, subtle piano melodies and a promiscuous female voice swallow you to the point of no return. Beautifully melancholic, yet floorfriendly, this A1 is bound to leave its mark on international dance floors. The same can certainly be said of We are the Future, a Schwind anthem that boils over with positive engery. While the excellent percussion highlights Nikos craftsmanship, Lil Magdalenes jazzy voice should enchant even the biggest doubter. The flip side is equally rewarding: while a cheerful interplay between a piano-based groove, serious bass line, choppy vocals and one hell of a break invites us all to throw our hands in the air on Fellow, the final track Get Down should literally take down the last man standing at the after hour due to dubby chords and wonky snyths.

 Label: Stil Vor Talent (http://www.stilvortalent.de/)
Album "Niko Schwind - We Are The Future" available on: