11 December 2012

Abooba Climbing Chair by Jaewook Kim

Abooba means "Piggyback" in Korean.

Dads want to sit down on the chair, to read a book or newspapers comfortably, and to relive his fatigue. Kids want to be hugged, and to go a playground with their dad. I thought about a piece of furniture that the dad can rest up on and the kid can have fun with. For me, the best fun with my dad was riding on his shoulders. Thus, I came up with a space where the dad can sit and take a rest while the kid can have fun riding on something nearby him.
When I was young, Sunday morning, as soon as I woke up, I ran to my dad’s arms. I waited for my dad to get up, but waking up is a tough job for my exhausted old man. I incessantly woke him up to play with him. Without choices, he woke up and sat down on the sofa with rubbing his eyes. At that moment, I got on his neck. Soon he took off the ground, and I was flying over the world. 

 Design process

- By giving a surface at the leg part, some weights were added for the kids not to fall down backward while they climb up.
- More angles were added for the kids not to fall backward at the top.
- A net supporting the kids to climb up the chair.
- grip for climing and carrying
- it looks like a playground facility